The ANC boat will not be rocked

Stellenbosch – ANC supporters in Stellenbosch are confident that neither the decreasing popularity of President Jacob Zuma nor the Nkandla scandal will have a lasting negative impact on election results.

The Media Officer of the ANC in Stellenbosch, Ntombende Landingwe, believes that the party is resilient enough to be successful at the polls on 7 May, “when we go door to door, house to house, region by region people support the ANC because they have a background with the ANC. When you walk around in Kayamandi and Klapmuts you see the yellow t-shirts queuing to vote for the ANC. We are very positive about these elections.”

According to Landingwe many ANC supporters do not believe the findings of the Nkandla report that Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, compiled. The report indicates that President Jacob Zuma wrongfully used public funds for upgrades to his private home in Nkandla.

“Yes there are these allegations, I would call it, but they actually have not been proven so they cannot stop voting ANC. People are voting for the party that they like not the face that they see. Nkandla is just being used by the opposition parties. No one writes about the wrong that the DA and other parties have done.”
The Election Manager of the ANC Stellenbosch branch, Cameron Mcako, contends the party is a broad church with many different facets, “the ANC is a collective and that is how we maintain the morale and standard of the ANC”.

Mcako says that people who think the ANC is just an individual does not understand the party, “the ANC is not Jacob Zuma. The ANC is alive”.
The Community Operations Manager of the DA in Stellenbosch, Odette Slabbert, says that “the people in Kayamandi specifically do not believe the report of the public protector. It has changed a few people’s minds to vote for a different party, but not necessarily for the DA. The conversations that we have had with ANC supporters indicate that they trust and believe their leader, no matter what anyone else says.”

One of the focus points of the election campaign of the DA was to highlight the abuse of power by the ANC and that of President Jacob Zuma.
Slabbert says “the DA wanted to make people aware of the facts and wanted to break open the scandal and tell people what is going on. I think the DA just decided that they are going to be aggressive with their campaigning and not stand back. We said what we wanted to say”.


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